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Improving Farmers' Lives

In Ethiopia, the Oromia Coffee Cooperative is building and preparing for the future. The coop is reinvesting profits from coffee sales back in their land and in equipment such as new washing stations. Learn more.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is all about quality of life. It's our actions to protect and enhance our economic lives in balance with protecting the earth’s natural systems.

Since our inception, Ancora has cultivated relationships with family farmers, cooperatives and importers around the world who grow and market true specialty coffees while embracing the principles of economic justice, sustainability and fair trade. Ancora shares these principles and understands their importance in protecting the future of coffee and coffee farming families.

To that end, all Ancora coffees are grown in a sustainable manner. We source only the world’s greatest coffees grown from heirloom Arabica plants on family farms and cooperatives. These are coffees grown by farmers who tend their land in a manner that provides a living for today’s generation while protecting the land for future generations. We respect this dedication. When you purchase Ancora coffee, whether conventionally produced or organic, you are purchasing the finest sustainably grown coffee in the world.

Ancora purchases 100% of it's electrical power, for all of it's facilities, from MG&E's wind generated Green Power, making Ancora Coffee a "Leader" in MG&E's Green Power program, as well as a leader in the community in furthering the goals of green energy for our environment. Watch this video to find out how it works and how easy it is to get involved!

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