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Size Does Matter!

Are you a 7? Or maybe a 5? It’s true. Grind size does matter. Learn all the intricacies of coarse vs fine grind size in our Coffee Primer.

Remember, when purchasing Ancora Coffee, we will happily grind your beans for you if you don’t have a good grinder at home.


Brewing & Tasting Coffee at Home

"The best Maxim I know in this life is, to drink your Coffee when you can..."
~Jonathan Swift

Yes, you can make coffee at home just as good as your favorite cafe serving Ancora coffee! Just follow our easy guide to preparing a perfect cup at home.


Brewed coffee is 98% water so it’s important you begin your brewing with fresh, cold water. Filtered water is preferred as this will remove the taste and odor of the chlorine and fluoride that are used in municipal water systems. If your tap water does not have good flavor we suggest bottled spring water. Make sure the temperature of your brewing water is at least 195o F (to 205o F) for a full, flavorful extraction.

Fresh Coffee

Use the freshest coffee! Once roasted, coffee is a perishable food product and begins to grow stale from contact with oxygen and moisture in the air. Eventually, a coffees' complex flavors and aromas break down and become flat and stale tasting. Buy only what you’ll use in a week or two and store your coffee in an airtight container. We do not recommend refrigerating or freezing coffee.


The proper grind size for your brewing method is critical. Too fine a grind produces a bitter brew; too coarse a grind produces a weak and watery brew. Use a slightly sandy texture with flat-bottomed or cone-shaped filters. Use a coarse grind with a French Press or percolator.

We strongly recommend that you use a burr type grinder or order your coffee ground. This will produce much better results than a blade type coffee "grinder" because the burr grinder produces a more consistent particle size. This allows for a more balanced and flavorful extraction during the brewing of the coffee.

Quantity of Coffee

Use one-standard coffee measure (two level tablespoons) for every six ounce cup of coffee you are brewing. Remember that using too little ground coffee will produce bitterness that only detracts from these flavors.

Once your coffee has been brewed, do not let it sit on a warming element for any extended amount of time (20 minutes or longer). Instead we suggest you pour it immediately into a carafe or thermos in order to maintain its heat and true flavors.

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