French Sumatra

Very full-bodied with a pronounced spicy, smoky character; rich and bittersweet.

Decaf Peru

Light-bodied & sweet with mild acidity and flavors of vanilla & milk chocolate.

Colombia Fondo Paez

e Paez are the largest indigenous group in Colombia and the Fondo Paez Cooperative, founded in 1992, consists of 550 families.

Sumatra Permata Gayo

Subtle notes of cherry and plum. Lightly roasted with a medium body and bright acidity.

Ancora d’Oro

Medium-bodied, organic house blend with clean, sweet flavors.

Black & Tan

Full-bodied, rich, deep flavor generously spiced with French Roast.

Blackbeard’s Blend

Full-bodied; robust smoky bittersweet flavor.

Breakfast Blend

Our breakfast blend brings together two of our favorite beans: Colombia and Sumatra. Clean and crisp.

French Roast

A heavy bodied coffee with notes of cinnamon and bittersweet cocoa.

Nicaragua Las Diosas

Medium-bodied with mild acidity and flavors of tobacco, hazelnut and cocoa.

Mocha Java

Well-balanced, traditional Mocha Java defined by notes of earthiness, citrus and spice.

Fireside Blend

Full-bodied with warm and inviting fruity dark chocolate flavors.

Decaf Ancora Black & Tan

Heavy-bodied with soft acidity and flavors of caramel, earth and spice.

Decaf Ancora d’Oro

Medium-bodied and balanced. Bright aroma with delicious chocolate flavor.

Decaf Breakfast Blend

Medium-bodied; clean aroma with bright, brisk flavors.

Decaf SWP Komodo

A heavy bodied coffee with soft acidity, flavor notes of spice and earth, and a resonant finish

Decaf French Roast

Full-bodied; hearty and bittersweet with a smoky-spiciness.

Decaf Ancora Espresso

Medium-bodied with rich fruit and elegant chocolate notes.

Espresso Natura

Complex, sweet and lively with delicate chocolate and rich caramel tones.

Ancora Espresso

A sweet and rich espresso, filled with elegant fruit, warm earth and floral notes.

Espresso Forte

Bold and robust; a traditional Italian “street bar” syle espresso.

Espresso Dolce

Medium-bodied; perfect for a straight shot of espresso or in a creamy cappuccino

Café Bianco Espresso

An Ancora original white coffee. Lightly roasted for a nutty and toasted flavor.

Guatemala CCDA

Medium-bodied with mild acidity and flavors of vanilla, apple, and citrus.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

This coffee is a medium-bodied coffee with bright acidity and flavors of lemon, bergamot and jasmine.

Black Thunder

Heavy bodied and favored for it's bold, smoky flavor.